How to wash your hemp towels to keep them fluffy & fresh. Toma Šokelė’s tips

Date 2021-06-07

It is advised to change the towels every 1-2 year. What to do in between to keep the towels clean and fresh?

We asked a professional neatness & organising enthusiast Toma Šokelė’s (@susitvarkyk) to review our towels with hemp fiber, give some remarks and tips!

Why choose hemp fiber towels

Towels with hemp fiber have excellent absorption, and tests have shown that hemp fiber is antibacterial, killing as much as 97% of E Coli, Staffs, and Candida bacteria within 4 hours of use.*

This means that textiles with natural hemp fiber last longer, remain firm, do not lose shape, avoid mold and poor odor when stored in a damp bathroom and when in contact with water.

  • Hemp fiber properties:

    • Excellent moisture absorption
    • Antibacterial
    • Fabric properties remain unchanged even after 70 washes**

    How to wash your hemp towels:

    • If the water is hard, it is recommended to use a water softener (descaler) or to add salt/vinegar to the washing machine drum – it’s a natural softener
    • The properties of hemp are best revealed after 2-3 washes, the towel becomes softer then
    • Washes well at 30 degrees, but retains its properties when washed up to 60 degrees. (We suggest washing it at lower temperature – it’s friendlier for the environment)

    How to dry your hemp towels:

    • Can be tumble dried, but doing so frequently can cause the towel to fluff
    • It is advisable to allow the towel to dry naturally after drying it in the dryer for a short time

    How to iron your hemp towels:

    • When ironing with a medium heat iron, the towel becomes softer because the heat decomposes magnesium and calcium ions

    How to store your towels:

    • Rolled into rolls
    • Stacked on top of each other by size
    • Especially convenient to store in drawers – it’s easy to see the size of the towels