5 reasons to choose hemp fiber

Date 2021-04-08

We think hemp is great for so many reasons it‘s sometimes difficult to count! Here’s a short list of the most interesting ones to prove that hemp really holds the crown of sustainable, natural and planet friendly fiber:

1. Hemp is completely zero waste – it’s possible to consume all of it, from seeds to roots. It’s said that there are more than 50.000 ways to use it!

2. It takes exactly 0 liters of irrigated water to grow it – hemp is perfectly happy with the amount of rain water. Compared to cotton (which takes up to 10000l of water for 1kg), the number is pretty impressive! Hemp fiber, processed in traditional way, consumes about 400 l/kg.

3. Growing hemp and processing does not involve the use of pesticides. It’s also great for the soil: it clears weeds from the fields, increases humus content and revives degraded land.

4. Hemp fabric is up to 3 times more durable than bamboo, cotton, and linen. Tests also show that hemp fabric shows no significant signs of weakening even after 70 washes!

5. It’s super antibacterial. In fact all cellulosic, “woody” fibers such as bamboo, flax and hemp are somewhat antibacterial, but tests done with hemp have shown up to 97% destruction of E Coli, Staffs and Candida within 4 hours.**


You can find more information here: HEMP SCIENCE