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Home Textiles with Hemp

Home Textiles with Hemp


5 reasons why hemp would knock cotton off the ring

“Cotton is king” – in 1858 said a senator James Henry Hammond, a politician, slave owner and cotton planter from South Carolina.  It’s getting quite obvious now that cotton, in fact, is not king. We’re stating 5 facts why cotton should step aside and give the trophy to hemp, the real king. 1. Hemp needs […]

Hemp: the glory, the fall, and the revival

When was the beginning of…hemp? The first traces of hemp were found in 8000 BC in Asian regions that are now modern day China and Taiwan.  Hemp is most certainly the earliest crop refined to make textile fiber – archaeologists have discovered remains of its cloth in an ancient Mesopotamia (present Iran and Iraq), also […]

Hemp vs the climate change

Let us guess: during the last hour you thought at least once of how unbearably hot it is. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about it every other minute of the last three weeks. It’s getting more obvious than ever: climate is changing. Drastically. Saving electricity, stopping buying water in plastic bottles, choosing a bike instead […]

Hemp houses: the cost, the benefits, the future

  This little house looks pretty regular, right? What if we’d tell you it’s actually made from hemp? The concept of a hemp house is not so contemporary as it might appear. In fact, it was used in ancient times. The most famous site is probably a hemp mortar bridge in France from the 6th […]

How to wash your hemp towels to keep them fluffy & fresh. Toma Šokelė’s tips

It is advised to change the towels every 1-2 year. What to do in between to keep the towels clean and fresh? We asked a professional neatness & organising enthusiast Toma Šokelė’s (@susitvarkyk) to review our towels with hemp fiber, give some remarks and tips! Why choose hemp fiber towels Towels with hemp fiber have […]

Hemp fiber products from Natural Fiber receive OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate for the second year in a row

Company Natural Fiber (UAB “Natūralus Pluoštas”) is delighted to announce that we have received OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate for a variety of spun-ready, cottonised hemp fiber for the second year in a row. ‘OEKO-TEX® enables consumers and companies to make responsible decisions which protect our planet for future generations. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one […]

5 reasons to choose hemp fiber

We think hemp is great for so many reasons it‘s sometimes difficult to count! Here’s a short list of the most interesting ones to prove that hemp really holds the crown of sustainable, natural and planet friendly fiber: Hemp is completely zero waste – it’s possible to consume all of it, from seeds to roots. […]

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