Our towels with sustainably grown European hemp is an eco-friendly choice for you and your family. They are both designed and made in EU.


Hemp is one of the most sustainable and sturdy plants on Earth. Its fiber is strong and highly absorbent – it’s a perfect material for various textiles. Hemp is also an incredibly eco-friendly plant. It needs no artificial irrigation – all the required water is supplied entirely by rainfall. Thanks to inherent properties of the plant itself, dense sowing as well as fast growth, hemp grows without pesticides. Aside from this, it is a native plant in the temperate climate zone and replenishes our soil. What a diverse and wonderful plant! 


With this in mind, we have decided to cultivate our own hemp variety “Austa SK” and use it for eco-friendly material and industrial applications. All the required hemp processing from growing, retting, and decorticating to spinning, weaving and sewing is done in Europe. Because we value people and their work as much as we care about nature. 


Our hemp fiber holds the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate – a declaration that the fiber is free of harmful substances. Combined with organic cotton, we have created a truly European experience – luxurious, absorbent, terry woven to 700GSM plush towels with sustainably grown European hemp. With respect for nature.

From sewing the seeds to sewing the towels – we guarantee the highest quality and, above all, coziness of a natural towel.